Saturday, October 1, 2011

More Pictures as Promised!!!

Here is a bit more evidence of the last few months up to our most recent outing. I, personally, feel as though these trips and any time we get to spend together as a family (excluding the very human moments when our strong personalities collide) is how time is meant to be spent. Days when we're apart seem to have a separating effect upon us though we may not notice without some crystal perspective. All my mushy sentiments aside, cherish your family, they are your super glue. 

Apple Annie's
Not the first nor will it be the last time that Mom will be lost in the weeds ;)

Just THIS big

When the okra takes over...

"MOOOOOM....what bucket?????..."

Pressure Garments: first use-prickly preventers while okra picking! 

Famous Sam's Car Show 2011

Savannah dreaming

UofA Wildcats vs. Oregon Ducks

Pedro and Jeremy praying...

Notice all Jumbo Tron pics don't highlight the score :'''(

Pride of Arizona


If you saw this game, you know why this is necessary.