Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011

Once again, I am sorry for the delay. Life continues to roll at its rapid pace. Things have gone as well as anyone could expect. Mom is waiting in extreme anticipation for her new prosthetic. She is being fitted this week and with her continued determination, she will be cruising around like there's no tomorrow. She will continue with the harsher antibiotic for a few more weeks in light of the slow healing process of the stump. Once she has completed her round and the stump has healed fully, her body should have the chance to relax and focus on more routine processes. Her particular complaint is hair growth, a problem that she (or anyone in our family) has never experienced and finds a tad distressful. Despite these set backs, she still manages quite well hoping around but, apparently, the position for Easter Bunny has already been filled leaving her solely with the option of being fitted for a new Susie Q. All of the wounds from the last surgery, excluding a section on the bottom of her stump, are completely healed if not incredibly close to being so. There is astounding improvement in the functionality of her neck as well as the appearance.

After having gone to her grandson's birthday, a few track meets, and finally Mexico, and a few Easter parties, I think that it is safe to say that life is finally settling in to something recognizable for Mom. She has improved so drastically over the last few months in ways that we never would have thought possible. Why we never would have thought possible has become mystery as we all know how incredibly determined and ridiculously amazing she is. I thank the world everyday for helping us to believe in her and giving her the strength to fight in the way that suits her most deeply. 

There will always be small battles over the mobility of this or that, but with all considered, Mom has beat every challenge in her own time and we all have faith that she will continue to do so. Her desire to truly live her life and love her family is beyond and capacity that I would have considered possible in life. As it stands today, she is waiting for the word and we will begin more intensive physical therapy in Tucson a few days a week and she will be back to her independence in no time.

I will be posting new pictures within the next day so that everyone that has not had the chance to visit with her lately will be able to see her progress.