Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17, 2011

We had yet another bout of good news today after Mom's check-up in Phoenix. Her hands are healing externally (the skin is smoothing) and they have determined from the x-rays that the joints and bones are also looking healthier. Though her skin is still very sensitive and blisters easily, the new Susie Q can still be  used in moderation. Mom will be left to heal naturally and outside the realm of surgery as much as possible for at least the next year.

Dad's hands were also put under the microscope to determine avenues for potential range rehabilitation and scar minimization. The doctors have determined that attempting some laser therapy might be the best option for now to reduce the density of the scaring. All considered we are blessed beyond belief to have reached such and escalated point of health with regard to all that followed that afternoon in September.

With consequences in mind, Mom would also like to ask all of you to keep a very special family in your hearts and prayers. The Groft family has overcome several major obstacles in their very young lives and within the last month were bombarded once again by a home invasion. Matthew Groft, a bone cancer survivor and fellow amputee, was robbed of several valuables not excluding his own prosthetic leg. Husband and father of a daughter with a new baby on the way, Matt needs our support to push through this disheartening obstacle so that he can continue to be a part of his children's life in an active and healthy manner that isn't limited by completely unexpected circumstances. Mom has always instilled us with the values that are geared toward helping others in need in the event that you yourself will someday be in the same position hoping for a helping hand. If you would like to know more about the situation or wish to help Matt and his family you can see them on the following website:

We cannot thank all of the people who have given so much toward helping us through the last nine months. Mom and Dad's morale and determination is a result of the support that we have all had and continue to have as everyday brings a new gift of mobility, healthy, love, happiness, and each other. We may never know the freedoms that we truly relish until they are threatened. May Matt and his family as well as all of you be as blessed as we have been.


  1. We will always be there for you all. We will offer prayers for many blessing to the Groft family. It's true, if everyone was concious of what they give to the world around them they would realize that is the same thing they get back. So lets all send out love and gratitude for what we have and we will get all love and prosperity we need. Trust in God and allow prayer to work. Love you all!

  2. Good News... thank you for posting an update.