Sunday, February 6, 2011

Arizona Children's Burn Camp Night!!!!

In honor of all of the people and especially children in your lives that have suffered a burn of any kind, I would like you all to seriously consider contributing to this amazing opportunity for the Foundation for Burns and Trauma. These wonderful people save lives and reunite families on a daily basis while also taking the time to consider the after effects of such life-altering events. As it states in the flyer, you can also buy tickets for children of the Arizona Burn Camp if you are not able to attend yourself.

The people dedicated to the growth of this foundation are hugely responsible for saving my Mom's life. If we can band together and help them to win this grant, they will be able to help others through the journey that we are taking. Our support and will alone might also encourage more people to join the field and possibly save many other loving families.

Arizona Children's Burn Camp 

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  1. awesome Durhams that you are getting the word out about this most worthy cause on your blog. You can count on me to support the effort to help the Coyotes put out the "Flames."
    Aunt Jo in Tucson