Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 22, 2011

Mom's philosophy on life: "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit," at least this is the mantra that her  and her grandchildren have come to live by. She has obviously taken this to heart and will be running with it any day now. She took her first step yesterday afternoon and followed it by walking all the way across HealthSouth. Her doctors better be efficient about this surgery on Thursday or they will have to go chase her down!
Day One with the new footsie!
Go Mommy GO!!!!!


  1. Way to go Nadine! So glad to see you walking! Still keeping you and your family in our prayers.

  2. She is GORGEOUS and radiant and STRONG!

  3. Fantastic :) You are as always i our prayers.

    The Howe Family

  4. Go, Nadine Go! You're doing great!

  5. Nadine! WOW - I am one of the many folks who responded to the crash - from Lee Vining Volunteer Fire Dept. We never hear the results of the victims we try to help - stumbling on this blog has been wonderful - we pray all continues to go forward - bless you and your husband, we are all so glad to hear you are alive and improving!

  6. Thank you Lee Vining Volunteer Fire Dept.
    for giving our Nadine a fighting chance at life. She is now a walking talking testimonial at what faith and determination can do in the recovery of a burn victim. She not only survives but thrives and is an inspiration to all who know her. God bless you all for a job well done. One of several proud Aunts.

  7. I cameto this blog after peeking at Nie Nie's. I too am a burn victim. With the help of great physisians, family and God we somehow overcome the trials that come from this sort of tragedy. We become better people. Our lives are enriched. I'm so happy to see that your mom is recovering.

    I became a volunteer at UMC for the sheer fact of visiting burn patients. I wanted to be there to heold their hand, comb their hair, sit and listen to them talk, and reassure them that things would be "ok". Becuase they really can be. :)

    Are either of your parents still there? I'd love to make a visit if so.

    Keep the faith.