Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 2, 2011

For all of you who rely solely on this blog for updates, I am incredibly sorry. This week has been a whirlwind of changes and wonderful advancements. Mom is HOME! The surgery entailed a bit more than we had expected due to previous complications with skin graft attachment but has also given Mom a much broader range of motion. The most important change to note is her beautiful smile that it is now completely unrestricted by tight skin.

The last procedure opened a two inch gap across her chest and under her right arm to give more elasticity for mobility. They grafted the area with Integra and plan to give it a few weeks to develop and inspire tissue in the area before grafting her own skin (from her thigh) over the area. Mom will be taking weekly trips up to Maricopa to assess her wounds and make sure that infection is no where to be found in any significant mass.

She had her first check-up Wednesday and everything seems to be doing well. There were a few small spots that needed deeper cleaning (possibly due to location/irritation) but she is on home again. They also adjusted her leg and it has made a massive improvement to her walking. She was able to walk all the way across the prothetic office holding her walker in the air!

She is scheduled for another check-up on Monday and again on Thursday to determine what will be done in the next surgery. Yesterday evening I drove Mom home while Dad drove the brand new party wagon. We are currently making plans to paint over the elderly home signs and possible add a bass and a disco ball for added effect.

First night home since September!!!!!


  1. So relieved to read all this happy news for her. What a tough cookie she is!!! Continued prayers and hugs sent to you all!


  2. I know home must feel really wonderful to Nadine and the whole family1 just having everyone home together will help her heal and brighten everyones day!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

  3. Hi Nadine,

    You must be estactic to finally be at home! We're so thankful that you come so far in your journey. I'm sorry I haven't written in awhile, but you have been in my daily thoughts, Masses and Rosaries. You are awesome.

    Love, Nancy

  4. Thank God! We are so happy for all of you. The strength and character of your family is an inspiration to us all.

    The Howe Family

  5. Dearest Nadine,
    You are such a trooper and I am so proud of you. I have always found that after a hospital stay, never near as long as you, my emotions bounced all over the place. Up and down. But with time I found balance,happiness and deep serenity once again. Change always kicks me in the rear end and it is so hard to be patient. Hang in there baby. We will keep the daily prayers going for you and your wonderful family. You are on my mind more than you will ever know. I consider you a beautiful hero and hope the road will get more downhill every day.
    Nancy Swickard


    ~ I found your blog thru NieNie ~ and have been following your ROCK!!! And what a great loving family you have.

    Welcome Home ~