Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011

Mom is home AGAIN!!! After a slightly longer than anticipated stay in the burn unit following the infections they found through surgery, she is comfortably at home on the couch with me. She is currently taking an antibiotic along with several other vitamins and pills but is finally on the road to healing. With faith and determination we hope to avoid long stays at the hospital for a VERY long time...forever would be nice.

Their alterations to her neck have made a massive improvement to the skin's pigment, appearance, and overall mobility. She will be off of Susie Q for a few weeks while her stump is healing, but she is still very mobile with her walker. Overall, her wounds are healing well and her daily bandage changes will continue for at least another month.

Thank you all so very much for your continued support. We cannot say enough to convey how much we appreciate the love and strength that so many people have given our family.


  1. Nothing is better than being home! My prayers for continued success in your healing! :)

  2. Am so glad to hear shes home again! I know her body will heal faster and she'll rest so much better! Thumbs up Nadine!!

  3. hooray hooray hooray!!! sending up prayers of thanks tonight!

  4. Hi - I am a writer from the UK and I would love to interview you for a feature in a magazine - I saw your story through NieNie's blog as I interviewed her recently. If you are interested please email
    many thanks and so glad you mother is home!

  5. Good news for you and your mom. :)