Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13, 2011

First off, we would like to thank everyone who attended or supported the Coyote's hockey game on Thursday. The foundation did very well and with your continued support they will be able to help so many other families that have been just as or even more impacted by burn trauma. The majority of our family was able to attend including MOM. She marched up and down the stairs with more verve than any of us could have expected. She continues to amazing us everyday with her quirky humor and dedication to life, family, and most of all her love that absolutely consumes anyone and everyone that is blessed enough to be a part of her life. Just this past Friday, she stood up along side her walker and started to charge off across the living room without it. She has become more comfortable walking around inside the house everyday. Her St. Bernard Mia isn't quite used to being gentle as she slumps up against anyone willing to rub her belly. We are convinced that walking constraints will only be momentary. Mom will be back to her daily jaunts around the ranch with Mia in no time with her determination.

She will be headed into surgery early tomorrow morning to finish off, what we hope will be, the last surgery for a very long time. The surgeons will be grafting skin from her inner thigh over the area that had been grafted with Integra previously. They will also be revising a few areas in the neck area to improve her neck range just a bit more. She should be in the hospital for five days recuperating and ensuring that the grafting takes well. We pray that all will go remarkably well and she will be home even sooner.

Dad will be returning to work this week while Savannah and I stay up in Phoenix following the surgery to keep mom company. He would like to reiterated how much we ALL have appreciated the support and prayers that everyone has offered so generously. We truly blessed to have friends and family that are so incredibly compassionate. We are beyond grateful and could never have imagined how powerful friendship and prayer can be when combined to save lives.

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  1. We are very blessed to have You, Your Momma. Your Dad & Savannah in our lives. I knew from the beginning that your Momma would beat every obstacle thrown in front of her, and she will continue to do so. We are ALL behind you guys and here for anything you need, okay? I'm very proud of you and I love you sooooooo much. Thank you to all the people who have supported the Durhams, your prayers and support have done alot. Nadine is like a mother to me, and has always been there for me she's an Angel & I thank God for her every day!!!