Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Robot Leg Conquers All

We (Mom, Dad, Savannah, and I) just came back this past Monday from a four day excursion through San Diego. We began with Friday at Sea World where we had a much needed reunion with the  Riddle family (Ronda, Terrell, Tyler, and Brandon) and spiraled through the next three days along the bay. Our second day was filled with ships and water cruisers of all types as we paraded through the majority of the USS Midway, which Mom handled like a champ despite stairs, steps, ladders, and elevated water locking doors (which I'm sure now hold a special place in her heart ;)). We also visited the Maritime Museum where we walked through a submarine, two ships, and boat, and one paddle wheeler after having lunch atop the fish market. Our last full day was spent watching the U.S. Open Sandcastle Competition on Imperial Beach followed by a dinner cruise along San Diego Bay. The last few hours before our flight back to 115 degree weather was spent wandering through Balboa Park where, despite Dad's protests ;),  our attention was mostly drawn to the Automotive and Space Museums.

Looking back, I suppose the trip was a test of sorts to see just how well Mom and Susie Q could get along. We are an incredibly mobile family and this is just a testament to what we consider mobility even under the circumstances. It may seem as though we are a bit tough on Mom but the truth of the matter is that she is the stubborn one pushing to do more and more and more. An example of her determination, which I have been asked to describe in detail by Dad, was revealed to the occupants of the Tucson International Airport as Mom insisted that SHE pull her own luggage. I am sad to report that I do not have pictures of the two of them fighting over baggage beside the carousel. For those keeping score, Mom won with the following statement: "If you don't let me pull my own bag, I'm going to tell the security guard that some man is trying to steal my bag!" Savannah, Jeremy, and I both agreed that she has passed the point of return and we can all come together and agree that this woman, however she may have been set back, is independent to lengths that most would not bother...and we will not be trying to carry her luggage, or help her in/out of a vehicle any time soon.  I am posting several pictures just so all of you can see how easy Mom makes all of our galavanting look and how much, very necessary and very long awaited, fun we all had.


Cousin It's Cousin...Hollywood

What Savannah's new bangs looked like BEFORE the brush

Stuck on the Atlantis ride...unanimously we decided they should just let us go again

MARCH!!! 234

The Den/Savannah's new home

The "Special Susie Q Seats"

Shamu showing off!

The Riddle Family!!

I did not make her do this 

Dad is yelling because the turtle is biting his ear...through plate glass

Fashionably resting

Day Two: Boats, Ships, Subs and MORE!!!

USS Midway

This is not a mirror

No you CAN'T drive Dad!


Cruisin' to lunch!

The Maritime Museum

Seaport Village

You would think they were dancing...but no...its THE walk


Day Three: SAND and SEA

U.S. Sandcastle Open
Imperial Beach

Coolest beach house

Mom's Favorite

Best hat in the world

 Dinner Cruise

And now he throws her over!

Fourth Day: Planes and Automobiles

Balboa Park

Our next project

Mom's new car

...and then we all fly home!

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