Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Recent Adventures

I am thankful to say that the last two months have been "life as usual", which happens to be a phrase that I take great pride in being able to use. Mom is looking great and taking her regiment of check-ups and doctor's visits in stride. We have been on several family trips and conquered all things generally considered to be Susie Q "unfriendly" and are still marching. Up to date, mom has caught fish, hiked up a mountain of stairs into the Wildcat Stadium, and, quite literally, walked her leg off!

Over the past few weeks she has been adapting to the "real" robot ankle attachment that has replaced the previously stiff version. We have already questioned and tested this new addition in rain and have been educated in the fact that it does require a rain coat, however, it is only necessary when in direct contact with rain fall. Our next battle is that of the tennis shoe. Being a fashionable and social butterfly, Mom wishes to move outside the realm of the purely functional and toward the stylish shoe that might include a heal! We are still in the process of working this issue out in terms of balance and reliability, but we hope to have them ironed out prior to the up and coming Festival of Trees!

Keeping in line with visual updates as well as written, I have a few pictures with more to follow of our most recent escapades:


  1. What a wonderful update - so happy for your mom and dad and family! Your mom is a true miracle! Hugs! :)

  2. That is exactly how I see her!