Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25, 2010

She had a good night last night with nearly non-existant fevers. She was even able to open up her eyes and take in the sights for about thirty minutes early this morning. As anyone might assume, Dad's health hinges on the positive progress of Mom's condition. He had a pretty good morning and his wounds are still healing nicely, despite the stress that is caused in changing his bandages twice a day. Throughout the day, as we have noticed to be a sort of cycle, her fevers picked up a bit as can be expected during her healing process.

As is common with with these sort of medical situations, there will be a number of ups and downs that will circulate throughout the process of healing. The best we can do for both of my parents now is pray and help them through both the bad and good spots that they will traverse in this journey toward rejuvenated health. 


  1. Durham Family

    We are all praying and hoping for your recovery. You are such a great family. We know this will be the source of your strength and comfort on your road ahead, but please remember that we are here and want to help in any way possible.

    Brad, Tina, Kjel and Emily Gudvangen

  2. Thank you so very much Hun for setting this site up. You are such a strong woman & I love you from the bottom of my heart! I feel horrible that I haven't been able to go see your parents yet, but with this sickness hanging on to both the baby & I ,I don't want to expose your mom to it. Please tell both of them that I love them and we are all praying for them, love you & remember I am here to help in ANY way that I can

  3. I am a good friend of Clarae Green and I don't know the two of you, But, I am sure any friends of Clarae's would be wonderful, thoughtful people,. I would like to tell you that I have cried with Clarae and feel so helpless. I am praying for your quick recovery and hope to get the chance to meet you both in the very near future. God Bless you both Carol Blythe

  4. I hate seeing Nadine and Bobby having to go through this mental and physical pain. My sister is a very strong and stubborn person. If any one can make it she can. I ask every one to pray for Nadine, Bobby and their children.

    Love Loren

  5. Our family and the Durham family have been close friends for a long time, we know they are both very strong, and we are praying for their recovery. We love them very much and are here for them and their family.


  6. I am Lisa Witt's cousin - just wanted to let you know I will be keeping your family in my prayers!!

  7. Thank you for setting up this site. Ever since Natalie told me the horrible news, your family has been in my heart and prayers. Stay strong and positive...something I have truly learned the last six months....your mental state is very important to those that are recovering and for the caregivers as well.
    Love, Natalie DiMarco

  8. I'm a friend of Heidi's from HS. I knew of Nadine through her.

    I have been praying almost from the time of of accident, as I was awake late that night. I have been praying since. God will continue His work in the lives of the Durham's, Witt's, Castro's, & the other families touched by this.

    I am so excited to hear Nadine had her eyes open to start interacting. Bobby will gain more healing through hers! TY for the updates! I will include you in my prayers, for rest & peace!

  9. Great job Trina in getting this set up so quickly. We will check in often for your updates and followers' comments. Know that our thoughts and prayers are 24x7 that God's infinite wisdom will continue to be known by all of the doctors, nurses and medical staff who so lovingly care for your Mom and Dad, and that all family and friends will find comfort in knowing they are in good hands. Katrina, you have been amazing through all of this and I know your parents are very proud of you. Know that Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Barry and I are blessed to be able to be here. See you soon. Love to all. Aunt Jo