Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

Yesterday and today have been rough days...though its hard to distinguish those from what wouldn't be considered a rough day in this realm. Mom has maintained some pretty high fevers throughout both days with a bit of a break occasionally but not consistently. She was visited earlier today by her primary doctor. Upon inspecting the Integra on her arms they noticed a bit of an issue and are removing some of the areas where it appears to be failing. As soon as they were able to remove the areas that were not properly fusing, her fever began to drop rapidly which is at least positive in that aspect. If they can control her fever this evening and into tomorrow, they are discussing taking her off of the ventilator. Please pray that she responds well and can overcome these roadblocks.

After today's evaluation of his wounds, Dad no longer has to be treated with the reacting enzyme cream. This change in medication will greatly reduce the amount of pain that he has to endure throughout the day.

Again...if you have a moment during the day, please send them your thoughts and prayers.

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