Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September 29, 2010

Today, we are starting off with good news!

Mom's fever has been gone for at least four hours and her heart rate has been back to normal for this period of time as well. Dad actually slept for six and a half hours which, for him, is more than he gets on a normal basis.

We are still riding a roller coaster but today WILL be a good day!


  1. Hello Durham family,

    Sepp Sprietsma (Benson School JPO) wriitng to you. I recently heard about the accident, and you are in my thoughts and prayers. You all are an incredible family, and will recover from this. I often use your family as an example when talking with people about how to make strong, resilient, safe communities. Your contibutions to Benson are unmatched, and provide a model for great parenting, active/involved kids, and the importance of character. If you need anything(animal care at your home, mail pick up, items from school, etc), please conatct me (586-8126).

    With strong intentions of health, recovery, and well being to you


  2. Katina, I agree very good news. Love all of you and am glad yo hear your dad got some sleep. I check into your updates, I can't tell you how many times a day. My heart and prayer are with you all. I hope you are taking care of yourself Katrina. Eat and try to sleep please as you and your brother and sisters are one of the main reasons to fight so hard to get better fast. They are so very proud of all of you. I am too. Love all of you my prayers are with you KK

  3. Hi to all the Durhams, Smiths, et al: We, the McKinneys, have been keeping all of you in our hearts, minds and prayers. We appreciate your updates and are always happy to hear good news. We will continue to log into the blog so keep the news coming.

    Melinda & Bob McKinney