Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24, 2010

Today makes seven days since my parents were brought to the UMC Las Vegas Lion's Burn Unit. Dad is healing well, though painfully. It is looking like he will not have any skin grafting done at this point but the process of debriding is long and uncomfortable. His face is progressing quite well with his arms steadily behind as they took the blunt of the burning.

Mom has just had her second surgery for skin removal today. The surgeons were able to remove nearly all of the rest of the damaged skin. They have replaced all of the skin that was removed with a bi-layer synthetic called Integra. Though her body temperature is still riding a bit high she has been fairly consistent both after the first surgery and this last surgery. As is expected, we need to help her in fighting off pneumonia and any infection that can and most likely will crop up from her constant intubation. If all goes well there will, most likely, be one more skin removal surgery and then possibly the process of slowly pulling her off of the ventilator.

We must continue to pray for both of them and keep them in our thoughts.

Thank you all so very much for your support. We cannot express how much we need and appreciate any and all thoughts and prayers.

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