Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 11, 2010

As I am sure everyone has already heard, Mom has been moved to the Arizona Burn Center in Phoenix (Maricopa). The level of care here is greatly elevated and will be our best bet to over come the hurdles that have been placed before us.

The day after her arrival the doctors took her into a six hour surgery where they had to remove all of the grafts that had been applied (apart from her neck) due to the level of bacteria that had built up beneath them.

They also did a vascular study immediately (after putting her on dialysis to help her kidneys) and realized that she had blood clots in her left leg blocking in-coming and out-going blood flow. This was the cause of the loss of color in her toes and later her entire foot. The doctors performed a mid-calf amputation to sever all of the infection and dead material that had developed from the lack of blood flow.

They inspected her hands and determined that the pinning and grafting that had been done was more of a detriment to her health. Her hands were addressed and re-set by the Arizona Burn Center hand specialist.

She is still intubated because of the trauma that she has had to go through in the surgeries. The level of antibiotics that she is receiving also adds to the stress on her body. To reduce her exposure to infection and add to her level of comfort, they also performed a tracheotomy during the initial surgery.

She is currently battling nine different bacterias, three of which are the most resistant to antibiotics that are dealt with. She is on five different antibiotics to fight all of them. Her lungs, heart, and kidneys are in very good shape and she is still fighting very very hard on her end.

With all of the above considered, Mom has a massive amount to battle against. We cannot deny that she is incredibly strong and stubborn. She is fighting a battle that would over come most people but with the support and prayers that we can provide compounded with her faith and strength, we will all beat this and walk out of the hospital stronger people.

The last few days have been very trying which has been the majority of reason behind my lack of posting. In addition to that...the hospital has a terrible wireless network which begs my apologies in keeping you all on the edge of your seats.

Please continue to pray and hold her in your thoughts as we arm up for the biggest battle of our lives.


  1. Trina and Durham family I keep your page up on my computer at work and home, continually check it and with each check send postive thoughts and prayer your way. You are a strong family and such an example for our community. I believe in his miracles as you have already been witness to many through this and I believe you will all walk together out of the Hospital. Love and prayers sent, Brandy Owen and family.

  2. I pray many times a day for my little sister.And every one I talk to a ask for their prayers. The last few days family members have gathered at my house to say a rosary and pray for Nadine, Bobby and the kids. Nadine wants to be here and wants to get better. Thats why she's fighting so hard. We are the ones that need to be positive. Love Loren

  3. One of Logan's birthday wishes today was for "Auntie Nadine" to get better. The whole Durham/Witt family is in our prayers everyday. You and your whole family are very strong and will get through this. Lots of LOVE, HUGS & PRAYERS to all of you. ~Roni, Steve, Logan & Connor

  4. Please know that we are all praying for your family! I know that your Dad is taking this so hard...please give him a hug from the Akey family and let him know that you all are in our prayers and thoughts always. Please let us know if there is ANYTHING that can be done for any of you. You are in our prayers!
    Much Love,
    The Akey Family

  5. My thoughts, prayers, and love for Nadine and her family is never ending. Your family has been apart of my life for so many years. As Nadine and I not only became roommates and good friends we also became family. As our families grew, so did our love and respect for one another. I feel so very special to be apart of your family. May god be with all of you our prayers are strong. Nadine you are so very loved. Thank you Bobby and Nadine for allowing my girls and I to be apart of your family. Love KK, Alissa, and Chelsea

  6. Trina - thanks for the continued updates; you and your family are incredibly amazing in your strength and faith. Every day I walk by Bobby's office is a constant reminder of the battle that is being waged every day for your Mom to heal. You all are never far from my thoughts and prayers go out every day that you continue to have the strength and will to beat this. Tell your Dad we miss him and all our best to your Mom as she struggles to get better.

    All the Best,
    Dave Wernke

  7. We continue to join all of your family and friends in prayer and love for Nadine's healing as well as for Bobby, Trina and Savannah.

    Yesterday, we celebrated Veternas' Day, but we all know how brave, tenacious and faithful Nadine is and she joins all those who have fought so bravely for our country.

    Trina, you don't have to apologize for your lack of posting daily. We all appreicate what you are able to do on this blog even if it means limited WIFI. When there's a day without any blog, we're tripling up our prayer power!

    Blessings and love, The Adams Family

  8. It must have been an answer to everyones prayers to have her moved to a better facility and her needs taken care of immediately and aggressively!!I can't imagine the stress you are all going through but all of us are still praying and knowing that Nadine is a good fighter is a comfort to you all. God Bless and keep fighting Nadine!!!

  9. You suggest you sue the first hospital your mother was treated at for maltreatment. The moment I read your mom had a purple toe, I knew her veins are in trouble. The amputation of your mom's leg could have been avoided as well as the infection with all the other bacteria. Having this blog almost as a patient's diary will help you in any legal work. I am also a patient, who didn't get the right treatment at the right time then suffering from an absolutely avoidable deep vein thrombosis, basically the blood clots your mom experienced. I cannot believe that doctors all over the world make these types of mistakes. The first hospital should have moved your mom to a specialized burn unit within the first two weeks. What an ordeal!

    I came to you via Nie Nie's blog and I live in Germany. I just felt compelled to leave you a comment, because of the horror you went through and all the alarm bells flaring up when I read about your mom's purple toe.

    Best of courage and luck!