Thursday, November 18, 2010

November 18, 2010

Today was much needed. The doctors took Mom in again for a cleansing surgery and actually saw tissue growth for the first time!!!! They had begun to use a fluid Sulfa based product as opposed to a cream (which normally inspires Mom's infamous hive reaction) and it has proved be a major benefit. They are seeing wonderful results in response to the use of the Sulfamylon and bleach. The rate of infection has definitely decreased in the tissue and is clear in her blood at this point. She currently is still battling some pseudomonas in her lungs, however, they are still very functional. Today was "her best day yet" quoted from her primary doctor.

I have to thank each and every one of your for your support as we continue to keep the prayers flowing on the sidelines. We are obviously being given miracles from above as Mom continues to battle her way out of this seemingly overwhelming trial.

Savannah, Dad, and I would also like to wish everyone a fantastic Thanksgiving. This is the beginning of several family events in which we are all brought together into each other's company. There are always times in life when we regret not having been closer with one another and it is the holidays that allow us to reunite. Be thankful for all of your loved ones and be sure to make them know that, despite distance and lack of time, they are in your thoughts. We survive life alongside those that care most for us. The more people that we have on our sidelines, the greater the battle will be.


  1. This is wonderful news Katrina and our prayers will continue so that each day brings even more good news. Bless all of you and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. We are definitely excited about the new tissue growth! We're glad the sulfa is helping her. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? If you are planning to be in town, we will have a bird in the oven and we'd love to have you. There is no doubt that all the prayers are impacting Nadine's recovery and for that we are truly thankful. We will continue to send our love and prayers to you all.

  3. still thanking and praising HIM, celebrating your Mom's progress and wishing you Katrina, a very special 21st. Make it as fun as your Mom would want you to have.

    Love and hugs,

    Aunt Jo, Aunt Cheryl and Aunt Lori

  4. Katrina, great news! Please know that we send our good thoughts and prayers every day for you all. Please give your dad and mom our love and to all the Durham and Witt families the same. Have a nice Thanksgiving, your mom would definately want that!
    Love from the Akey's and family,
    Sheri & Jerry, Bill & Lesley, Kim & Tony

  5. 11/22
    Nadine, Bob, Trina, Savannah, and family members, we just returned from our Deacons' and Wives' Retreat at Picture Rocks this weekend. All 107 of us prayed for your family, especially Nadine's healing. Our Mass intentions, roaries and daily prayers continue to include each of you. A belated Happy Anniversary wish to you Bob and Nadine! We also wish you a very blessed Thanksgiving. We will be spending Thanksgiving with family in Mesa. If Nadine is up for a brief visit, we would like to share a prayer with her and all of you. If it's something that will work, just give me a call at 586-3757 before Thanksgivng or at 520 686 1705 (cell) after Thanksgiving. May our Lord continue to share His love and peace with each of you, Nancy Adams

  6. Stranger from BC Canada wishing her well and praying for her and her recovery.