Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29, 2010

It has been a few days but finally we have good news. Mom's white blood cell count has reduced considerably. She is much more responsive than she has been as of recent (keep in mind: her response is limited to blinking her eyes due to the level of sedation and the type of tracheotomy). She also responds to requests and was able to bend and apply pressure with both legs when asked. Her general color has improved overall though she still has a great deal of swelling in her neck and stomach. She has maintained her own blood pressure for over 24 hours and her skin is still clean and bacteria free.

The doctors have scheduled to take her into surgery at 7am tomorrow. They are planning to use her own skin to graft over a fairly small portion of her upper body. The use of her own skin is in hopes that her body will respond better and not act as though it is a threat.

News like what we have received today is a true blessing and proof that God is fighting alongside us. Thank you all for persistence in prayer as we help Mom to fight her way through this.


  1. This is so good to hear Katrina. We are praying Nadine's strength continue to be renewed as she goes into surgery tomorrow.

  2. Katrina it is so good to hear positive news. The fact that she is responsive is the best news yet!! Prayers and love to all of you!!

  3. That is fantastic news!! We will continue to pray for both her and your family. May she continue to take small steps towards complete recovery.

  4. Thank you for leting every one know the progress on your mom. Hope your holidays were nice. we all check every dsy and pray for all of you. you know we all are here for all of you.

  5. I check this blog often, sometimes several times a day. My prayers go out to Nadine and her family constantly. Since I am a mother and a wife, I know that she wishes she could tell you how proud she is of all of you. She knows what you are going through is sometimes more difficult than what she is facing. I so hope the latest surgery went well. God bless all of you.