Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December 1, 2010

Due to emergency surgeries that took precedence yesterday, Mom's surgery was pushed to this morning. They are set to take her in a 9am for a six hour surgery. There plan is to replace the negative pressure machines in order to better prepare her legs for grafting so that they are smoother and will have a better tissue base beneath future grafts. They will also use her back as a donor site for the skin that they will be grafting over her left arm and the remainder of her chest.

She has done much better over the last few days and had continued to maintain blood pressure and all vitals without having to be given blood or stabilizers. She was very awake in comparison to what we normally see yesterday. Dad went in to look through her doorway yesterday morning and noticed that she was staring up at the ceiling. He called out to her and she actually turned her head and looked out at him in the doorway. When she focused on him her pulse shot up so he had to go and throw a gown and mask on to go and stand by her. She calmed down quickly as he began to talk but, obviously, there was a definite response. This one particular action is such that my Dad has been hoping for over the last few months. It is amazing how we come to cherish the smallest actions in times of strain and desperation.

We pray that all goes smoothly today and the days to come so that we can avoid the plummeting sensation that is normally felt days after surgery and, instead, be overjoyed by the blessings that we receive in her recovery.


  1. First of all....Yay!! We have such positive feelings that your lives will once again be filled with joy and laughter. Your Mom is an incredibly strong woman and with your Dad by her side there is nothing that they can't do. She has had a guardian angel on her shoulder throughout this ordeal and I have faith that she will continue to improve!

  2. Great news, the love your mom and dad share will only strengthen and help each other to get through this. It must have been an extremely emotional moment for both of them. It brought tears to my eyes just reading it.

  3. Well put Katrina. It's exciting to hear the great things Nadine and the doctors are doing. There is no doubt, your Mom is doing all she can to come back to you all. Keep your chin up when she is encounters her challenges. More and more we are hearing good news with the bad. Baby steps Nadine. Great job! Love and prayers.