Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29, 2010

Just as she has done from the beginning, Mom continues to shock us all with her amazing strength. Yesterday she wrote her name, my sister's, and mine on a sheet of paper along with her infamous lady bug.  Fo a woman with severely damaged digits, her handwriting was incredible. If there was ever any doubt that she could beat all of this and work past the handicaps that she may experience, it has dissolved into her will power and determination. 

The doctors replaced the negative pressure machines on Monday and are very confident in the progress that is being made to re-grow leg tissue. They are also giving her steroids to help with vocal improvement especially in light of the swelling that her pneumonia causes in her throat. They plan to evaluate her legs on Thursday and proceed from there. 

Both my younger sister Savannah and my Dad have spent everyday with her talking and helping her to rebuild muscle strength. She continues to be inspirational to us all in spite of the obstacles that she is facing.  We, as a family, would like to wish everyone a joyous New Year filled with the love and compassion that only a family can provide.  


  1. Great news and I have complete confidence that your Mom will overcome all of her injuries and simply amaze all of us. That brings a smile to my face!! Good job Nadine!!! You are an inspiration to everyone following your progress!!!

  2. What fabulous news! I found your website thru Nienie and have checked it often for updates. SO glad that your mom is improving so rapidly and that her attitude is so great!! Please know that all my best thoughts and prayers are with your entire family.

  3. Glad to hear of the improvements!!! I pray that God gives her strength every day to overcome the battle!

  4. Great news your mom is a strong women her love and determination will take her far. I continue to pray and hope for more miracles in the new year!