Monday, December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010

In comparison to the last few grafting procedures, Mom is still doing well. We did have a scare on Saturday evening as her temperature rose over 104 and the nurses were forced to remove the negative pressure machines from her legs and put her back on dialysis. Her response in this manner is thought to be a partial result of overstimulation throughout Saturday's visiting hours. Mom misses and loves all of us very much I am sure but, we have to keep in mind that she is incredibly fragile both physically and mentally at this point in her healing process. While she can still have visitors, we must keep it down to a minimum until she is completely stable. Visitation will become absolutely crucial when she reaches a point where she is completely grafted and awake and will want company and uplifting. This is often the greatest concern over weekends as it is the most convenient time to visit, however, we need to be conscious of her well-being above all else and make sure that we are only an aid to her healing.

She has managed to bounce back a bit from Saturday after they gave her a few units of blood to stabilize her pulse and covered her with ice blankets. Her grafts are still sustaining, which is an absolute miracle as we have had so much issue with their adherence. The doctors also confirmed yesterday evening that her cultures are continuing to come back clean with the new inclusion of her lung culture. Yes, this means that we are breaking the lines of the pneumonia battle front. According to the nurses report this morning, she had a good night and they have decorated her room for Christmas!!!

We hope you all have wonderful holidays and continue to pray if for no other reason than to be thankful for the miracles that we are all given everyday.


  1. Katrina thank you so much for your strength and messages shared with all that love her. Love you and your family very much. Love kk

  2. I'm so glad her pneumonia is improving! I also think Nadine was overstimulated on Saturday. I think the nurses in charge of her care need to stop visits before she gets to that point. Nobody is going to argue with the people who know what is really going on with her. We need to realize that just because we drive up from Tucson, it doesn't guarantee a visit with her. We love you guys and we will continue to pray for everyone's healing.

  3. Lisa, Dr Caruso confirmed in our meeting yesterday, that Nadine needs the stimulation from her family. As you noted it will be best if visits are done over a few days time rather than all in the same day. That way there is a better chance to get quality time with her and she will not get so fatigued. Other survivors have told us how important visits from family and friends are. They say seeing and hearing the voices of support from her loved ones will play a vital role in giving her the boost needed to keep up the good fight. It is crucial that we bring to her a healthy and positive state of mind.

    Love to all,

    Aunt Jo and Aunt Cheryl