Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2, 2010

The surgery went very well. They began by evaluating her through their cleaning process and reported that her tissue was healthy. The doctors were able to put the negative pressure vacuums on both legs so that they will inspire tissue growth to improve the overall appearance of her legs prior to grafting. Her previous donor sites are healing well, excluding one small section in the crease of her upper thigh were took some skin from her back ad grafted over it.

They were able to rebuild her right hand with her own skin and were very happy with the end result. They have used a section of cadaver skin putting a 1/2" gap between it and her own healthy skin and completing all but that small section of her right arm. They have made such spacial precautions so that in the event she rejects the cadaver skin, her healed skin will not be contaminated. Her left arm is entirely covered with her own skin now as well as her chest.

They will be taking her bandages off early (most likely Friday) so that they can catch any sign of rejection early without her general traumatic response. If all is still well on Friday, they will leave her until the following Thursday where they will take her back into surgery to graft her own skin in the place of the cadaver skin.

As of 5am this morning she was still doing very well. Her pulse was fully maintained and as reported by the nurse....she smiled. I hope this post has given you all as much hope as it has to our family. The strong will prevail. Please continue in prayer with us that she will bypass rejection and completely adapt to her new skin so that she can be on the clean and clear road to recovery.


  1. Thank God!!! We are so glad to hear that the surgery went well. As always our prayers are with you all.

    The Howe Family

  2. We are so glad the surgery went well and all the things the surgeons are doing to help and being proactive in her care! Know we are all sending our prayers and thoughts to you all every single day and I know that a special angel is watching over your mom.
    Sheri and the whole "Akey gang"

  3. Thank you Lord that You continue to embrace and comfort Nadine while we pray for another good day of rest, restoration and regeneration for her. Thank You for all that You have done and will continue to do while giving her the strength and courage to keep up the good fight.
    Bless her family and friends who lift her up to You in fervent prayer and praise. Amen

  4. Trina - this is great news and bolsters hope for many more good days to come. The power of prayer makes a difference. You all are never far from our thoughts - we will continue to pray for your Mom, Dad and the rest of the family that strength, courage and healing power are in abundance.

    All the Best,

  5. Katrina and Family I can not begin to tell you how I felt to hear Nadine smiled. I am sure you all know. She has so much love and prayer to help her with her strength to fight. I am here and praying please know if ever you need to talk or here me talk, all my memories of us being roommates call. I Love each and every o0ne of you Love KK

  6. Your Moms progress inspires all of us. Her strength is phenominal. I am so happy that everything seems to be progressing forward now and I know all the love and prayers are working.