Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16, 2010

Today turned out was yet another amazing day of progress. They moved Mom further down the hall into a room with a window so that she can distinguish between day and night to help with her sleeping habits. They changed her trach early this morning and have given her a Fenestrated trach tube so that she can both breath and talk. She is a long way away from her normal voice but, slowly, she will progress from her current airy whisper to her normal voice. The nurses also reported that her kidneys processed some fluid on their own last night so hopefully we are on the road to increasing kidney function.

Dad and I put up her decorations and pictures in her new room for a few hours today while talking with her. She asked questions periodically but was pretty worn out from having confused day with night and the rather rigorous bandage change she has everyday. The doctors will be coming in sometime tomorrow afternoon to check all of her wounds and make sure that the new grafting is still holding well.

Mom wishes everyone a  merry Christmas and we will continue to pray that her kidneys and grafting progress and that she will be home just as soon as possible.


  1. Its really great reading one good post followed by an even better one. I'm just so excited for the whole family that your mom is really starting to make rapid improvement. Christmas will be so special this year for all of you

    It is so great to read a good post followed by an even better one. I am so happy to see your Mom making rapid improvement. Christmas will be so very special for all of you!! Keep up the good work Nadine and you'll be home before you know it!!

  2. Bob and Nadine and Family, what an inspiration you all are. May we all have a Merry Christmas and a very Healthy New Year. You are always in are prayers and thoughts..
    BJ and Cathy Gatton

  3. just wanted everybody know that we went up to Phx on Wednesday and had a great visit with Bobby and Katrina. The staff is so friendly and all love Nadine. Bobby looks great, he has a arm brace with robber bands to his fingers(and he is using it)to streatch them.
    He is so proud of the great steeps Nadine is taking.
    We also wanted to let Katrina know how proud we are of her . She has been able to still keep A's and B's thru all that has gone on.

  4. Have been following your mom's progress with much thought and prayer. Merry Christmas to you all.

  5. I do beleive we all feel so very blessed to have the Durham family in our lives. I Love all of you so much. Please tell Nadine KK loves her and I will see her soon. Tell her she is my Christmas Wish. Love KK

  6. Your entire family is in my prayers......god speed recovery to you all