Friday, December 24, 2010

December 24, 2010

Mom is on her way to the pool today!!! She slept for six hours last night, though not all necessarily restful, she is still having strange dreams that are no doubt a result of the medications that she is taking. The physical therapists will be working with her in the pool over the course of the next two days to get her a bit more limbered up from having been in bed for the vast majority of the last three months. 

The doctors plan to put her negative pressure machines back on this coming Monday. Though the doctors are giving her a break from the more traumatic surgical and tissue building procedures, the physical therapists now have their turn to run the show. Mom is an absolute trooper through all of this as she is constantly on the go trying to get stronger and get out of the hospital. She has spent the last few days up in the tilt table and on her Cadillac chair. We had a few spare minutes, while she was on the Cadillac to paint her toes so that she could be festive for Christmas like everyone else. She still tires very quickly but pushes through it so that she can continue to progress.

Her days are far from routine, but they do become monotonous as each day is filled with therapy, bandage changing, splinting, vocal exercise, skin therapy, and vital checks. She is incredibly strong willed, as we all know, and takes all of this in stride. She has even managed to maintain her wonderful sense of humor through everything. The nurses were discussing a lack of ski equipment for their upcoming trip just outside Mom's room a few days ago and he heard their conversation. When they came into the room she told them that she has an extra ski boot that they can have since she would only be needing one :) . She has no problem smiling through even her most hectic days. She also has no problem scolding people as my younger sister knows very well as does my uncle Loren. He came to visit last weekend and, upon entering her room, was asked: "Why aren't you at work!?" fortunately for Loren, it was a Saturday and once that bit of information was cleared up, he was no longer in trouble for fussing over her rather than being at the office. 

We all wish every single one of you a very Merry Christmas. Be mindful of family and safety over this wonderful holiday as you travel to be together. 


  1. A very Merry Christmas to your family. I hope it's blessed with many more miracles ahead.

  2. That sounds like our Nadine. You are such a great
    person that we all know you would come back stronger then ever. Nadine we all Love You so much
    and cant what until you are ready to see all your friends. This has been such a blessing for the whole family to have you with them. Keep strong and well do laps around the pool soon.

  3. Bobby Nadine and girls KK is wishing she was there to give you all hugs and love on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas my wonderful family. I love you KK

  4. Nadine's sense of humor and positive attitude is a blessing for herself and all those around her. Her ski boot remark brought a smile and maybe a little tear. I know she will probably be skiing again before you know it!

  5. What an amazing Christmas gift for you all!! You are a family that all others need to look at and learn from! I know that nothing will keep Nadine down! She is truly and inspiration to all of us!! God Bless you all!!
    Love Kim

  6. I'm so happy to hear of Nadine's progress! I told her last weekend that I would be back to see her on Christmas, but I ended up getting sick instead. I'm sad I couldn't come see her. It's cool that she was able to see Jamie, Summer and Kelsie poop through her window though. Love and prayers of strength to you all.

  7. Hi Trina,

    We are pleased and thankful to hear of your Mom's progress; it truly is a blessing. Nadine continues to be an inspiration to us all; what a determined lady. We send our prayers for continued progress so that Nadine can leave the hospital as early as possible; there is nothing better than "coming home". All our Best...

    Dave & Sonja Wernke