Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 14, 2010

The surgery went well, though very long, on Friday. They did a bit more cleaning and work on her hands. They were able to apply cadaver skin everywhere but her legs where they applied a different synthetic. Over the last two days she has done well and continued to improve in way way or another slowly. She is still retaining a lot of fluid around her neck and mid-region mostly because of the heavy flow that she has had to process (i.e. medications, IV fluids, nutrition).  They will be administering a separate medication to break up the masses of fluid so that they can find their way back into her blood stream. While changing her bandages and washing her hair this morning, the nurses found another source of infection. She has several ulcers on the back of her head beneath her hair. They will have to shave her head in order to clean the area and ensure that the infections that have developed from the unmanaged ulcers are gone.

All considered, life is much better today than it was last week. Progress is actually measurable at this point. I say this in nearly every post as it is a major part of our determination: it is important that everyone following this blog knows how much we appreciate all of your support. I feel that I can say with great confidence that Mom makes it through everyday with her unbelievable will and the support of all of our friends and family behind her.

As a secondary note, I would like to wish both Mom and Dad a Happy Anniversary. They have been married for twenty-three years today. It may not be the best of circumstances, but it most definitely isn't the worst.


  1. As always my prayers and lovve are with you all. It sounds like they are staying on top of everything they can. My love to your mom and dad for their Anniversary. Time does fly. My memories of being honored to be apart of the wedding party is a very happy one. Nadine and I were in each others weddings. May god be with her and Bobby on this day. I love you so very much. Love KK

  2. Each and every post is looked forward to with eager anticipation. Thank you Katrina for keeping us updated. I check everyday - sometimes several times a day to see how she is doing. So glad to hear that she is receiving better care. Our prayers are a constant in behalf of your family and especially Nadine. I'd love to come up and visit your mom and dad. Is one time better than another? Sure wish there was more that I could do. All our love and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Bob and Nadine!!! Congratulations on 23 years!!! And here's looking forward to another 40 more together!!! Love you guys!!

  3. It sounds as though Nadine is getting the good care she needs to heal. That news is a breath of fresh air. Congratulations Nadine and Bob on your anniversary and the beautiful family you have!!

  4. Happy 23rd Anniversary to Nadine & Bob. Thought and prayers go out to Nadine ,Bob and girls. Glad to hear Nadine care is better where she is now. My daughter being a nurse knows of place where Nadine is and thinks highly of the place and the care they give.

  5. As far as visiting is concerned, there is no real way to know in advance what will happen from one day to the next. The visiting hours for Arizona Burn Center are from 11-6 and 8-10pm. Dad will be back and forth between home an Phoenix until Mom is in a position of complete physical stability. Just give me a call and I can explain in better detail.



  6. Dearest Nadine and Bobby,
    Your vows included in sickness and health and you have been put to the test and are both passing with brillant colors. We are so proud of both of you and your family on this special day.
    We pray everyday that improvement will be rapid.
    You both have so many years of great fun in front of you. Don't lose site of that for a nano-second. You are new to our lives, but we love you both intensely.
    Nancy and Jim