Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 16, 2010

Dad is much more comfortable in his new apartment just walking distance from the hospital. He started physical therapy yesterday and though it was painful, it went well. The only bandaging that he is still having changed every few days is over his right hand and is progressing well.

Mom has been much more stable over the last week. Her blood pressure and pulse is controlled and her temperatures have been continuously manageable. As of this morning, her blood cultures came back clean. They have noticed, however, that her white blood cell count has been rising. Though we are not sure of the actual cause, the heightened white blood cell count could be in relation to several things (medication, bacteria in other areas).

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. As always you and your family are so much all of my thoughts and prayers. Love KK

  2. I will be in Vegas the 3rd week of November and would love to see your parents. What do I need to do to get on the visitation calendar?

  3. I will post it right now!!! Thank you!

  4. soon as you give me the actual dates :)

  5. I guess that would help huh lol? My Mom and I will be arriving November 18 at around 7:30am and then leaving Saturday early. Anytime Thursday, Friday or early morning Saturday. I would like to take your Dad to b-fast, lunch or dinner if he is up to it. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for another posting Trina. We check it everyday. So happy that your Dad has a place to call home for now. Please give him our love and best wishes. Also your darling Mom. We had great fun doing Dance exercise together and I'll be waiting for her to return however long that takes. Let's hope for a great week for all of you.

  7. Bobby it was good to spend a couple days with you and the family, we were very pleased to see Uncle Barry and the great support from Aunts family and friends.
    Tell the kids and Nadine we love them so very much and we will talk to you soon. Be strong and we hope and pray for things to turn around this coming week.
    T & R

  8. So happy to hear Bobby is healing and is settled in a nearby apartment - we miss him greatly at work. Very pleased that your Mom is remaining stable and making some progress - what a fighter!! You all are in our constant thoughts and prayers...

    All the Best, Dave