Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19, 2010

The kidney specialists visited mom today. They believe that the issue cropping up in her right kidney could have existed previously but flared due to the irritation of several medications. They are confident that they can keep it under control as they will be monitoring it closely. The skin and blood cultures came back today and are both clean. Because of today's results, they have scheduled Mom for a 5pm grafting surgery where they will use skin from her inner thighs to cover her neck and upper chest. If the surgery goes well, they will also attempt to work on her hands so that they can prevent the possibility of future damage from atrophy.

We all need to pray as deeply as we can. Tomorrow is the third round of grafting and as it is her own skin, we are definitely gambling. If she can fight through it and keep this round, she may be able to be transferred within a few months to the Maricopa Burn Center. Though this would be wonderful for all of us to be in closer proximity to her, the burn center itself is known for its dedication and has a very positive reputation as such.

Please keep her in your thoughts tonight and tomorrow...My mother is an absolute angel and deserves the chance to rise above all of this so that we all have the chance to repay her for every second she has dedicated to the improvement of our lives.

-Bless you Momma. We all love you so very much and are fighting right beside you. Know that when you feel beaten, we are on either side to hold you up and comfort you. You are never alone.

Tia, Mannah, and Daddy


  1. Extra Prayers are going your way! We hope and pray that this works!

    Also, I spoke with my Mom regarding our visit next month. The only day that she is going to be available is Friday Nov. 19th from 12:00 to about 4:30pm. (she is going to be there on business) I would hate to have you block off more time than needed. I would like to give others the opportunity to visit. Is that possible to block out specific time?

  2. Wow. Thanks for bringing tears to my eyes already this morning Katrina. I think of your mom and family often everyday. And you are right. I look forward to the opportunity to give back to her even just a portion of what she has given to me. She is an angel and I pray for her recovery throughout everyday. All my love to all of you!

  3. Glad to hear things are looking better right now. Thoughts and prayers are with Nadine and family always. Nadine is a sweet lady think of her everyday.

    Ms Betty

  4. You are so right our Nadine is an Angel. She is the most giving and loving person I have ever known. I am honored to be her good friend. I am and will always to be blessed to have her in my life. I love all of you and you are in my prayers. Love KK

  5. Love and Prayers from everyone at St. Jude. We think of Nadine and the whole family everyday!

  6. The Swickard family believes deeply in prayer and we are asking God to be of help to your precious family. We have had miracles in our family and are asking for a big one for Nadine.
    I feel the pain in your message and realize how difficult this is for all of you. Please hang in there and believe that Nadine is in the best place possible and she is getting better.
    Love you all,
    Nancy, Jim, Jamie & Ramon