Monday, October 18, 2010

October 18, 2010

News has definitely improved since Sunday. We were bombarded with circulation and kidney concerns yesterday morning, as of this morning however, news is much better. Dad had shown some concern on Friday and Saturday with the coloration of Mom's toes. They were turning purple in color and were very cold. The doctors began scanning again for blood flow in this area and were not registering any. Coincidentally, Mom's IV port was in the main artery of this same leg and once removed, blood flow registered in the area once again. Though there is some obvious arterial damage to her veins due to the burn damage, her toes are turing a normal pink color and now have more warmth to the touch.  Though her renal numbers are a bit high, they are not nearly as severe as the doctors had anticipated yesterday after today's visit with renal specialists. Her right kidney is the one in concern but her change in numbers are small enough to be in response to medications. All considered, scary weekend with an oddly redeeming Monday. 

Mom is on schedule for a grafting surgery sometime this week so please please pray that she accepts something so that we can get her covered up and protected. 


  1. so glad to here that she has blood flow to that foot..
    remember NADINE is the strongest woman I have ever known. If anybody can come out of this it will be her. Just remember how many people love you all.
    Jason and family we wished we could have been there for you also We Love You

    Ronda and Family

  2. Katrina and family! My prayers are with you and my dennie bug! I wish I could be there but work and money are issues please tell her that auntie loves her!

  3. You all have so many people praying for you. I am here if any of the family needs anything. Love KK

  4. Dropping by to read the updates. I am so happy that things are begining to stablize for your Mom! Small steps lead to big leaps!

    Your Dad starting physical therapy is wonderful! What a great leap!

    Your family and the love you share gives me hope!

    Much prayer and love sent to you and yours!