Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

This weekend proved to be very calm for both Mom and Dad. After reviewing his progress, the doctors have now decided that he only requires a medicated bandage change once a day. I cannot convey to you how much of an ordeal bandage changing can be. Aside from the general pain from the wounds, there is a great deal of discomfort brought on by the medicated cream that has to be applied. With these steps in mind, I am sure that you can just imagine how relieved he was to hear this news.

Mom was very consistent this weekend maintaing a very low fever throughout (this is common as the body is fighting to healing itself). As of yesterday morning, they had cultured her skin and sent it to the lab to determine if all of the bacteria from infection has been killed. When the lab can confirm that she no longer has any skin infection, they will begin the process of applying EZ Derm (a product derived from pig skin). This layer of EZ Derm is, in no means, permanent. EZ Derm does not stimulate tissue growth or attachment and is, therefor, a barrier. The application of this product is merely for protecting the living and vulnerable tissue beneath that is currently exposed. Once they have determined that she maintains stability without infection with the EZ Derm (3-5 days after application) they will move on to removing the EZ Derm and applying another round of Integra.

THank you all so very much for your continued thoughts and dedication to their progress. My Dad would also like everyone to know how much he appreciates every thought, prayer, and extended hand to our family. We are only as strong as the support that stands behind us.


  1. We are so glad to hear some promising news about bob and nadine. Our thoughts and prayers are always with them and all of the kids. What a good job you are doing Katrina and we know that the support of all four of you will make the progression go faster. Bless you all.

  2. So very happy to hear progress! Small steps lead to big leaps! Many prayers still coming your way!