Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 2, 2010

I have to say that it is much nicer to be able to report the progress to all of you with first hand information.  Savannah, Natalie, Megan and I are visiting Mom and Dad this weekend.

Dad is healing wonderfully. His faced has progressed a GREAT deal in comparison to the first week that we were able to spend with him. His arms are progressing quickly as well. The burns were not quite as severe on the left allowing it to heal faster, however, the right is a fairly close second. They have said that it is possible that he will be discharged sometime during this coming week.

According to the doctor's report this morning, Mom is in a much better state than she has been over the last week. They believe that they have killed the three bacterias that were effecting her lungs and skin but will continue to administer the antibiotics through the remainder of the week.

In order to fight off later issues with muscular atrophy and the elasticity of her skin, they have begun regular therapy. The instruments that they use are in constant motion so that her joints can maintain proper lubrication and flexibility. In addition to the constant movement of her bed, they introduced a machine that moves her legs in a motion much like riding a bicycle. All of these efforts to continue body movement as much as possible will help a great deal in later rehabilitation.

Today's level of oxygenation into her lungs is the best that it has been during her time here. Her white blood cell count has come down to a normal level. The doctors seem hopeful that she is coming over a hump in the process of healing. We can only pray that she will support the doctor's optimism and continue to be so strong!!!


  1. Hi Bob and Girls...It's really great to hear that you and Nadine are finishing the week so well. You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly and it is nice to find out what is happening with your progress. The doctors really seem to have a great program and I'm sure Nadine is going to progress well in it. She's an amazingly strong woman. Of course you knew that, she's put up with you for 20+ years. Know that we're here if you need anything. Many Prayers with Love, Joe and Cassie

  2. Really great to hear that things are going so well!!! Thanks for keeping us updated. We think about all of you constantly. You are always in our prayers. So glad that Bob is healing so well and so quickly!! Tell Nadine that we love her and send her our best wishes. Love to all of you!!!
    Deann & family

  3. Super news for the day! You all are in our prayers and thoughts! Everytime I drive over the hil and see the blue explorer and the white truck I think to myself "Bob and Nadine are home". Just a habit I guess... Needless to say, I pray for when I can say that and it is actually true! Your presence in the canyon is missed very much. We love you all and hope you all are home for keeps soon! We love you very much! Shane, Jolyn and Kalee

  4. Hi Bobby & Nadine
    Bill and I are so glad you are in good hands and mending. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers always. Let us know if you need us to do anything. Barb & Bill Pickett

  5. Dear Bobby & Nadine,

    Francois and I have been following your progress and were relieved to hear about your praise reports. We pray for you both daily and I have asked my friends and women's Bible study group to keep you in their prayers. Just remember on your journey to healing you are not alone but in His awesome hands and in the thoughts, prayers and hearts of many who love you both so much! You will continue to be at the heart of our prayers.

    May God grant you His peace,comfort,strength and healing.

    Love and Blessings to you both always,
    Francine & Francois