Saturday, October 9, 2010

October 9, 2010

We had an inspiring morning today. Dad went into visit mom and while he was giving her everyone's love he also told her that her Granddaughter Bailey would be visiting soon and Mom turned and gave him a big smile. She also tried to reach out and touch Uncle Barry. Though these may seem like small gestures, they have come to be the most inspirational moments of our day.

As of yesterday evening, the doctors were able to begin the application of the EZ Derm. She now has grafting on her neck and arms and has been responding to it well as of late this morning.

Please please please keep sending your prayers we will need each and every one of them before the end of this (very long and bumpy) road.


  1. YAY MOM!! :)

    It's always good to hear news like this. Thanks Trina! Love you.

    It sounds so great. Just any sign or movement from Nadine means she is fighting to get better. We Love You All and see you soon Bob.

  3. Yay for Nadine! Love you all tons, miss you even more. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day!
    This morning,I told Kalee that today was Savannah's Birthday... Happy birthday Savannah!.. She wondered what we could get her for a present, the news in this post is the best present Savannah could wish for! We will continue to pray for more miracles!!
    Love you all very much.
    Shane, Jolyn and Kalee

  4. Every little bit is a small miracle!!! We are so glad that things have gone so good thus far! You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers! Glad that Bob is well enough to be out of the hospital and a huge support to Nadine! We are so glad to hear that they are both doing well. All our love to each one of you!!! And Happy Birthday, Savannah!!! Love you all!

  5. It is so good to hear the progress that both of your parents are making. We are praying for you all everyday and know that God is with you. Even though this is going to be a long journey, it is reassuring to know that you aren't going through it alone...God Is There... Rejoicing in the small things is what keeps us focused on the positives that are to come. We love and miss you all very much. Happy Birthday Savannah!!! Love, Joe and Cassie

  6. Just wanted to tell you I am thinking of you both and my prayers are with you. You truely are some of the biggest blessings in my life. i am so proud to be a part of your extended family. Love KK